AirMagnet’s 802.11ac Treatment

During the first session of Wireless Field Day 5, Fluke Networks announced a slew of upgrades to the AirMagnet Survey software package. They geared the updates towards the coming torrent of 802.11ac devices and are touting the ability to measure […]

Aruba’s 802.11ac Shindig

![](http:// Earlier this week in San Jose, Aruba officially announced a few new additons to their access point lineup and system features during a day spent focusing on 802.11ac. The event, which included a few mini presentations and Q&A sessions […]

Cisco Talks 802.11u, Demos 802.11ac, and Proves They Can Speak Apple

![]( Cisco brought some cool toys to the party at Wireless Field Day 3 last Friday, as I have already posted. Their 802.11ac demonstration (see video below) had a room full of verbose wireless professionals pretty quiet for a few […]